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Fix Outdated Descriptions in MSN Search Results

Sometimes when checking your rankings do you find that the description of your site is outdated or incorrect? You may wish to check the cached version of your page in order to see if the search engine has simply been using an older, cached version of your page. But what if they do have your current page cached?

Sometimes search engines prefer to use the description of your page or site as listed on a third party site like the Open Directory. But what if you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get the Open Directory to update your listing? MSN may have a solution.

If the results of an MSN search don’t match the actual information on your page and they seem to be using the Open Directory listing for your page, MSN reports that you can use one of the following tags in the header area of your page to show that you prefer that they use your site’s information rather than the Open Directory’s listing when they next visit tyour page:


Currently this command only works for MSN. We can only hope that other search engines will follow MSN’s lead.

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