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MSN Ranking Algorithm Changes

There’s a lot of talk among SEO consultants about changes to the algorithm that MSN uses to rank pages. (Update: MSN has long been known as Bing now.) It seems that on-page factors are now more important. That’s good news for smaller sites with less than remarkable link popularity. Link popularity is still critical, but if your site is well optimized with on-page factors like keyword placement and keyword density, then you may rank higher on MSN than you did before.

Also, it seems that MSN Search prefers web pages that are listed higher in the web site directory structure. For example, is preferred over a web page that’s  deeper in the directory structure like

It also seems that MSN Search likes static pages better than dynamically generated web pages (pages generated on the fly by a database, such as is common in e-commerce sites).

None of this is really surprising, and our on-page optimization has always taken these factors into consideration. The rule of thumb, when you hear about algorithm changes is Don’t Panic. Ethical SEO like we do at Rank Magic will never cause your site to be hurt by these changes.

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