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The Big Google PageRank Slap

The recent update of Google PageRank displays has slapped down a lot of sites that had been enjoying high PageRank (PR) scores. A link to your site is treated as a vote for your site, and increases your “reputation”, which iin turn nfluences your rankings in the search engines. But then a lot of high PR sites started selling links, and that compromised the value of inbound links in general. So Google’s latest update attempts to discount paid links and also penalize web sites that sell links by reducing their PR scores.

So far, any drop in PageRank doesn’t seem to correlate well with a reduction in your position in the results. That’s because the displayed PR is old, rounded off to the point of virtual uselessness, and may not really relate to the “true” PR that Google uses in its ranking algorithm.

Now some SEO experts are saying we should ignore PageRank. But they’re ignoring the “perceived” value of a high PR.

From Site Pro News:

“Google, hate it or love it, has become the most respected company on the web in the eyes of the majority of the web’s users. It carries enormous weight and prestige. The “perceived” value of a high PR7 or PR8 is extremely valuable.

We are not talking about link selling; we are talking about how a perspective business partner or customer will treat your site or business.

Say you have two identical sites you want to do business with online and you discover one is a Google PR2 site and the other is a Google PR8 site – which one would you choose to do business with? Honestly?”

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