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Domain Name Registration

Your domain registration expiration date may affect your search engine rankings.Your domain name registration tells the search engines something you may not realize.

Search engines are looking for reliable websites. They don’t want to give prominent listings to websites that may be “flash in the pan” websites that exist for a few months or a year and then go away. If you register your domain name for at least two or three years (you can go up to ten years at a time), the search engines may conclude that you are in business for the long haul and consider you eligible for higher rankings. It’s also a good idea to renew your domain name registration before you get too close to the expiration date. We suggest renewing before your expiration date is a year away.

Google has mentioned this in a patent application, but we don’t know how much weight it carries. Whether other search engines look at this is only conjecture. Matt Cutts, “the Google Guy”, has downplayed the importance in a brief video. We agree that this is probably of relatively little importance (certainly it’s less important than on-page content and incoming links) but it’s a relatively cheap and easy thing to address. At the very worst, it can’t hurt.

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