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Keyword Synonyms: Google’s Changing Approach

Google is slowly rolling out a more advanced awareness of synonyms that will affect how you select and use keywords for your SEO. Here’s an example that will affect some of our clients.

Google treats the words car and auto as synonyms.The words in your search phrase are always highlighted (bold) in the search engine results. Do a Google search forcar repair shops and note that Google makes the word autobold as well as the word car.

This doesn’t work for all synonyms yet, but it’s a sign that Google is moving in this direction. It works for a few, like car/auto, photo/picture, motion picture/movie, and some others.

Will it eventually mean that a car repair shop may not need to optimize separately for car repair shop and auto repair shop? Will it mean that using both phrases achieves desired keyword density without the appearance of redundancy? It’s too soon to say, but we’ll be looking forward to some testing results.

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