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You Need a Mobile Website – Or Risk a Slap-Down by Google

Rank Magic's mobile websiteWhat??!!

Yep. Having an efficient mobile website is something you need to address sooner rather than later.

Mobile access to the web now accounts for one-fifth of all traffic in the US. If your website doesn’t have a mobile version, chances are visitors can’t read it on their cell phones — and maybe not even on their tablets. That’s a poor user experience, which is something we know Google factors into rating calculations. Odds are Yahoo and Bing do too, or will soon.

Not only do you need a mobile version of your website, it needs to be efficient. We’ve written before about the impact of page speed — how quickly your web site loads into a browser — on your rankings. Well, it may be even more critical on mobile devices that often access the web via a relatively slower cell phone connection.

Here’s the official word on this from Google, in case you’d like the details.

Do you have a mobile website? If not, do you plan to create one? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Does that include websites that have been built to be “responsive” and re-flow the text/columns when viewed on tablets/phones or when the browser window is re-sized?

    Or are they only looking for mobile-specific websites?

    • Hi, Diane. The issue is usability, not any specific coding. If the website can be viewed on a phone without having to enlarge the text or scroll horizontally, and if links can be followed easily, then it should be fine. My website, for example, doesn’t jump into mobile mode on a tablet, but it does on a phone, giving it a good User Experience on all devices. Hope that helps!

  2. We’ve had a mobile website since the concept was new.
    Because of the size of our site a responsive site is really not an option. (Responsive is great but not for larger sites that see the need (and it’s real) for a mobile site.
    Be forewarned, a mobile site is a must!

  3. In determining which pages needed to be on our mobile site, I chose pages that provided the best information for the viewer while proving that the content drove traffic to our desktop website.

    When creating a website, you must speak to the ‘personas’ that are or will become your customers. Designing a mobile website is quite different than creating a desktop site as you have to get to the point in limited space and most likely appealing to a prospect that has limited time.

  4. Thank you, Bill. When one of your clients needs a mobile site, I’m happy to help!

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