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Beware Bad Neighborhood Link Pages

Suppose you have a web site selling shoes. If there’s a link to your site from a web site that also links to gambling sites, Viagra sites and the like then search engines might think that your web site is related to gambling and Viagra. The search engines look at the link pages and check to which other web sites the pages link. Your web site is construed to be in the same neighborhood or category as other sites that page links to. The theory is like this: If Bob is friends with Todd, Susan and Chuck, and if you’re friends with Bob, then chances are you’re also friends with Todd, Susan and Chuck.

In this case, it might be tough to get rankings for search terms related to shoes. And of course you might begin to show up on searches for gambling and Viagra — and that’s not going to help you sell shoes. Make sure that sites linking to you are somehow related to your products or services, and they’ll help your rankings.

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