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Bookmark Popularity?

With all the attention being paid to the need for good link popularity, many folks are very busy scaring up new incoming links. Some techniques are valuable, and others aren’t – like link farms and reciprocal links among unrelated web sites created just for the PageRank impact of another link. The search engines are hard at work figuring out how to identify and discount links that aren’t a fair measure of a page’s true reputation.

The search engines may have another trick up their sleeves. Apparently one of Google’s recent patents discusses the value of factoring into a site’s reputation rating the number of individuals who have placed a bookmark to that site in their browser. Of course the subject is fraught with privacy implications, but there are a number of ways they could deal with such issues. There’s an interesting discussion here.

Is it true? I don’t think it is. Yet. Nevertheless, anticipation is invaluable in Internet marketing. I think we’ll start seeing more Bookmark This Site! buttons appearing soon.

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